Drake's life takes place at a recycling dump - one of the common districts of the British Sky Empire.

He's been fed up and tries to find distraction in the underground. Caused by a drug he gets into impulse dreams, dreaming about aviation and trying to forget the wrong feeling deep inside, haunting him since ever.


As an invisible thief moving outside of the system, Akito takes missions to get by. He hardly speaks about himself and feels more comfortable the darker the alleys of the underground are. As soon as he appears, he vanishes without a clue.

Kain Wessex

Kain Wessex is Lieutenant of the Sky Police and ruler of District 3; Rust City. He takes every required measure to keep law and order. Accuracy and discipline are the key elements of his duty. If anyone stands out he doesn't hesitate to guide him drastically.

Seth S.

Any information about Seth is just as vague as the dreams that Drake relives again and again.


Like Drake, Joy works in District 3 at the dump. She has a knack for technology and likes to fix old, forgotten things. She keeps a cool head even in hot situations.

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